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Oracle MICROS POS and PMS  software is the world-wide leader in providing stable, reliable, and secure applications for the hospitality industry. Combined with cloud-based access to real-time analytics, inventory management, scheduling, and flexible integration capabilities, Oracle MICROS POS and PMS solutions are the leading choice for businesses needing an easy-to-use, reliable, all-in-one platform.

MICROS hardware is purpose-built to withstand spills, harsh weather, constant use, and security threats without fail.


ORACLE MICROS Simphony Point of Sale is a powerful, feature rich and industry tested software solution that takes every touchpoint and turns it in to practical insight on key business analytics. Whether that’s reducing costs, increasing revenue, improving performance and the overall customer experience, Simphony gives you the controls and insights needed to be successful.

With the flexibility and scalability to suit food & beverage operations of all types and sizes, powerful reporting and inventory control, Simphony Point of Sale can be adapted specific to your needs.

  • The latest enterprise solution specialising in managing multiple outlets from a central location
  • Choose the operating system that works best for you. Simphony 19.1 offers both Linux and Windows versions
  • Leverage a complete loyalty, reporting, labour, inventory, and cost-control suite
  • Accelerate deployment and cost savings in the cloud
  • Deliver guest-centric experiences with mobile POS functionality
  • Easily integrate digital, mobile payment & ordering


The most widely installed restaurant management system in the industry today, many operators continue to enjoy the features of the ORACLE MICROS RES Point of Sale system. A complete point of sale (POS) solution with cloud and on-premise tools for the back office, restaurant operations, and guest services. The ORACLE MICROS RES suite provides start-to-finish guest service, increases operational efficiency and speed, whilst providing a better service experience for your customers and staff.

Suitable for single restaurant operators with the tools to support large chain restaurants or quick ser- vice environments, ORACLE MICROS RES Point of Sale can be adapted specific to your needs.

  • Reliable and easy to maintain
  • Increase efficiency and speed of service to offer a superior guest experience
  • Improve bottom-line business results
  • Better manage employees, inventory, and business objectives
  • Enhance guest engagement
  • Cloud reporting and analysis tools
  • Back-office tools for inventory, ordering, and receiving
  • Upgrading to latest MICROS Res 3700 5.7 Version


Oracle MICROS inventory management simplifies store-level processes and optimises inventories, by providing purchasing, receiving, stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities at single or multiple locations across the enterprise thus maintaining stock in a cost-effective manner.


Oracle Hospitality Materials Control is a comprehensive procurement, inventory, and cost-control system that provides essential data, including cost of sales, effective revenue, stock on hand, order proposals, and stocking requirements in real time.


I-Care is a customer relationship module that provides an easy way to set up and manage gift cards and point-based loyalty programs with complete reporting through

I-Care provides a suite of CRM modules that delivers a 360° view of your customer’s activities. All the activities are tracked and controlled from a central database allowing you to recognize your core customers (most frequent and highest spending), as well as methods to attract and measure the development of new customers or less frequent customers, bringing them into your core customer base. Improve the return on your marketing investments by bringing your POS and CRM database together as a single solution.

I-Care features:

  • Enterprise Web Functionality
  • Centralized, Integrated Solution
  • Gift Card/Stored Value Card
  • Loyalty, Reward & Recognition Programs
  • Campaigning – CRM+



OPERA 5 Property Management is a proven, feature rich property management system for hotels. With the flexibility and scalability to suit hotels of all types and sizes, OPERA 5 Property Management can be adapted specific to your needs.

OPERA 5 Property Management provides all of the capabilities that hotel staff need to deliver exceptional guest experiences. These include reservations, checking guests in and out, room assignment, managing room inventory, accounting and billing, guest requests along with integration to the ORACLE Food & Beverage Point of Sale products and other ORACLE HOSPITALITY applications.

  • POStek offers tailored support both for software and hardware to make OPERA work seamlessly behind the scenes.
  • Set up Simphony or Micros Res 3700 in the food and beverage areas to link into the OPERA package for a fully integrated solution.




As every restaurant, cafe, hotel etc. are differnt we would love to have a chat to see how we can best suit your needs. Oracle Micros Hardware can be found in a large range of businesses from the smallest of cafe’s to the largest hotels and casino’s around the world.


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