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Support and implementation services for Oracle Food & Beverage and Hospitality products

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Micros Point Of Sale Support

At POStek we offer Micros Point of Sale Support at all levels. You can book a job individually, have a monthly or annual agreement and no lock-in contracts required. We take the headache off your shoulders. For support agreements no annual up-front lump fee is a condition of our attention. We are bringing back the original meaning of “support”.

The past 30 years have seen many changes in the style of support offered. Most evident in our industry has been the switch to call centres and the loss of customer identity.

In years gone by, support for Micros RES 3700 was carried by a hardware or software person who knew your business, was available to talk on the phone, dropped in occasionally to check your business was running well and to see if you had any issues.

Simphony Cloud Based Support

Simphony On Site hosted Support

Standalone Micros RES 3700 server support or with Enterprise Management Server

Supply and support of Micros new and used hardware

Tailored solutions to your specific requirements

Upgrading Micros and Simphony versions without any down time or loss of data

OPERA support, installation and upgrading

Interface servers support

OPERA Exchange Interface (OXI) servers support

Micros I-Care Loyalty installation and support

Materials Control or Inventory management installation and support

Micros E7 support

Our Approach

Our Approach

Each client is allocated a dedicated technician. In this way support time can be dramatically reduced. We have local supplies of hardware for rapid replacement to keep your business functioning. In hospitality every minute of downtime is a trauma to the OPERAtion. With our background in the field we understand this only too well. I personally have owned restaurants for the past 40 years and still do. It’s my passion.

Our engineers have many years of experience with the products. Custom reporting, upgrades, patch installations, menu development, combo meals, happy hour pricing, loyalty programs, printers, food wastage & variance reports, purchasing based on usage, integrated payment systems, swipe cards, communication lost issues right down to identifying a cable that needs to be changed. Our engineers are able to assist in all manner of Micros Point of Sale Support, from the smallest of issues through to the most complex of situations.

micros point of sale support

Our Support

Offering Micros Point of Sale Support when you need it

Micros Point of Sale Support

We offer Micros Point of Sale Support from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday right up to 24 hour, 7 days per week, 365 days per year support. The Hospitality Industry never closes down. Neither should your support.

The hospitality business is a tough game. Success is based on the total of all the little things. Profit margins are small and so cost control is vital. With well maintained programs and hardware you can go a long way to keeping that control.

The Simphony, Micros and OPERA products are world leaders. You can’t get a better solution. ORACLE has pledged its ongoing support to its development into the future. If you have made the right decision to invest in them then you need to have the best support to get the most back in return.

POStek offers Micros Point of Sale support to all levels of the industry. From individual restaurants with a few workstations right up to the chains with 500 stores. There are plenty of local engineers just waiting to help you keep your investment on track.

Our Promise

Our Promise to you

My word is your guarantee, that we will do our utmost to support your business. I am always available on the phone (0411 642 622) or via email ( to get the right people involved to address your problems in Simphony, Micros RES 3700, and OPERA.

Steven Duff

Managing Director, POStek Support Pty Ltd